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Phil Rankin

Loved this blog. Lots of questions seem to remain but rather than sitting in a dark room waiting until you find the answers you take the questions with you and have a go...absolutely fantastic!! I doubt very much that it was your intention but thank you for encouraging me!! One other thought...You wrote, "their openness to us meant that you might then see them on the next stand trying something else out! so jesus is in danger of being reduced to another god in the pantheon or a consumer choice among many others." And my question is, why not?! Putting Jesus in the spirituality marketplace gives an opportunity we have almost prevented Him from having before. If Jesus is who He says He is then in competition with other 'gods' in an open marketplace, He will win out. Surely this doesn't degrade Jesus in anyway but actually gives Him the opportunity to prove to each of us and all the other 'spirituality consumers' exactly who and what He is?



we have a very similar thing (not so large) that goes on in our community every year...so now you've got my idea juices flowing. thanks!

tom aka headphonaught

G'on yersel JB... taking Jesus out of our churches and comfort zones and into the real world.

Kudos to you and your people for being brave enough to make this happen. The cons will probably criticise but who cares? Jesus is a controversy that we need to be...

Agree with Phil :: let them taste and see... take Jesus out of the context of christianity and He stands as strong as you would expect from the King of Kings!

Eager also to hear how others like Makeesha get on.

Keep on going, bro... the Lord is using you for mighty things.


Looks like you're doing some excellent work.

I would echo Phil's point about Jesus being part of the pantheon of spiritual choice. There is no need to apologise for presenting Jesus as one option among many, isnt that the reality of the situation we face today? Our task as followers of Christ is to show how he makes a difference to our lives and to invite peopel to engage with his and our story whilst we engage with their stories.


This was awesome-- it's amazing how when you present Jesus in a setting outside of the church, how many people are open to it, especially in London. A year ago Patricia King came over from Canada with her ministry, and set up a dream interpretation area-- lots of people came up, and some got saved.


Looks like a fantastic success - I wish I could have come along. In this post-Christendom era it's brilliant to literally set our stall out afresh, and compete with the other spiritual lures on their home turf, rather than peeking out from behind our stone church walls. Since we can take nothing for granted now, as I read this morning "...as aliens and exiles..." [living as Christians in our post-Christian secular society] "...our tone of voice will be as important as anything we say" [Stuart Murray Williams], which looks like something you hit the spot on from your responses.


jonny, good to see you 'out there' doing the stuff..we were part of a stand at the aylesbury civic centre last year, we were providing destiny words which was an amazing experience, we also found people to be so open, but also agree with the 70/30 split...any way well done for getting Jesus into peoples minds...


I love the idea of presenting Christianity as a spiritual lifestyle, isn't this actually true for many of us? We are called to present the relevance of Christ to the world...I see very little difference in what you guys did and those Christians in the first century who opened up Christ to those in a town who had an inscription to "An Unknown God".

Timothy Wright

Well done. Thanks for jumping in and loving the people right where they we at. They need it. These people will probably not avail themselves outside of that context.

Bless you.

Tim Wright


Good to see your reflections and impressions. You might like to join in our Thinplaces discussion board where people from Australia and the US and UK who have been in this ministry for a long while chat about issues concerning festivals and reaching alternates etc.


what's the url?....

Andii Bowsher

The Reiki healers may have come because part of their 'mythology' is about it being the way that Jesus healed, according to my mum, who is a registered reiki therapist and a member of her local CofE church.



Thinplaces is situated at

craig mitchell

what's a "destiny words" table? I'm guessing, but it would be good to hear what and how.



Thanks for this, it is not unlike our experiences, but you've caused me to reflect a bit deeper.

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