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Yes, again. Only consolation that Beckham didn't blunder, again. It was horrible to watch.

thomas aka Headphonaught

Forget all the silly politics north of the border... It was a terrible way for anyone to lose... and Portugal were very fortunate.

Tim Abbott

Good to know that on the pitch 10 man England are at least as good as 11 man Portugal for 120 minutes.
Ok, ok... just trying to scratch some kind of dignity from this awful episode!


im not commenting, im used to people's decisions ruining teams chances in this world cup, watching most of the first round matches and the top 16's it's been hard to not see how the umpires have been unfairly biased against most of the "smaller soccer nations"

just kinda glad that some of the hard to believe decisions are still happening...


well look at it this way, what have we got to look forward to - mclaren?

ARRGGHHHHHHH - this is the torment of the damned

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