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yes jonny, there is certianly something about the rhythm of the christian life, i only wish that i could embrace it more in my own walk with God, things seem to crowd in and stop me having that simple time with God.


I am currently leading a small seekers group. Last week they asked if they could try the meditation stuff from the convent. Tonight we are giving it a go. I hope and pray that more people than the 4 women invovled are impacted by God through this.

Kelvin Holdsworth

...should have been called Big Sister though....


This show sounds really cool, which means that the Fox channel here in the states will see how popular it is there and create it's own version which will inevitably include skimpy swimming suits and dangerous stunts involving motorcyle jumps, not at all the same thing really.


Thanks for the update on that - wish we could watch it here in the states.

Paul Morriss

Nadia and Jennifer, if you click on the link at the start of his article you go to the program page. On that page I get a "watch now" link. You may not get it because the BBC may not show things to a non-UK audience, but it's worth a try.

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