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hi. glad you had nice time. i have the lou rhodes album you can borrow if you haven't already. track 6 is going to be iona's dedication song one day. i only like a few tracks off it, that being the best in my opinion. don't think she'll win mm prize though as rest of album isn't as great.

peter lawrence

sorry you were embarrased by the singing :) i was quite happy with the vocal on the album but i guess it didn't translate as well as i hoped to the live situation
much love

P x


pete now i really am embarrassed! danger of reviews - just post what's in your head and think later... anyway too late! i loved the festival - thanks for the inspiration the big chill has been and is. i love the way it's going. am excited that there seems to be lots of activity with the label and the new house... you only sang on one track so no big deal eh?! thanks for your generous response. the nature of reviews is that it was probably someone else's favourite moment of the weekend - all a matter of taste. i bought your album anyway if it's any consolation!
keep on creating


moya - what a great track for a dedication of a child! in some ways live lou rhodes was better than the album - i love the track you mention and the first one. a higlight live was when they did lamb's gabriel if you know it...

Matt Rees

sounds amazing! another year goes by and yet again I failed to get a ticket. oh well - there's always next year.

Mark Berry

Sounds like a great Festival.. must get there next year! Cheers for the recommendation... just ordered Fink!


Great review Jonny. I thought Norman Jay was disappointing though - I loved the first hour but wasn't keen on the drum and bass route. For an alternative review, have a look at the Crate Diggers forum on normanjay.com.

We didn't buy any music while we there, although is going to get Nicole Willis, who was excellent. We have been rediscovering lots of albums that we already have thought. which in some ways is even better!

steve ellis aka keepitwheel

Fair review... nice to see Pete responding so graciously. I posted up a (very lengthy) review on a few sites including www.Normanjay.com and www.bigchill.net and some of the artists who i wasn't very impressed with have responded quite strongly. Even one i liked has had a pop at me (hello Millsy from Bent!)


stev there's so much activity in the bc forum i can't keep up - what's the link to the thread/review you wrote?

steve keepitwhee;

its on the general chat part of the forum. page 2 or 3 by now. the full review can also be found on the Crate Diggers section of www.normanjay.com or in the main forum of www.brownswood.co.uk


Beach House Radio

Hi Jonny, we were there this year (2008) and loved every minute. Loads of pics and video on our site - www.BeachHouseRadio.com

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