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Paul Morriss

I've heard a couple of talks on this sort of subject and I find it fascinating. However it doesn't seem to be penetrating our consciousness in this country. Although the church is declining in this country (but not as much as it was http://www.vision2025.org/documents/CRAroadshowA5leaflet05census.pdf) I think we still think that all mission work abroad is a struggle and the church is only slowing growing everywhere else. It's just not like that!

Do the statistics mention whether the church growth has where there has been a Bible or not? It's not just having the name of God in the indigenous language that makes a difference, but having access to some of the Bible

Another book on a similar subject that I've heard recommended, though I haven't read it myself, is God on the Move: Growth and Change in the Church Worldwide by Martin Goldsmith


paul thanks... i guess because i work at cms i hear the statistics a lot about world christianity so forget that they are not that widespread. and you are right to mention the bible - the translation into indigenous language is discussed quite substantially by sanneh and is a big factor in christianity moving beyond colonial and western constructs. i mentioned the name of god as that was an insight i had not come across before.


thanks - that's gone straight onto the next amazon order...

Tom Allen

The debate about the use of indigenous name for God is a longstanding one going back to Acts etc.

I think it was Ken Okeke (one of the first CMS mission partners TO Britain in the early 1980's) who highlighted that the problem for British Christians is of course that many people they meet have no name for God.


Chad Brooks

Hmm..I have a sneaking feeling that I am going to have to read this book for class at asbury. Just a gut feeling. But heck it sounds cool, I think I will jump the gun and go ahead and order it.

Paul Morriss

Jonny, I forgot that your day job was CMS, so you don't need telling about the modern mission scene.

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