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Existential Punk

Sounds like a deep night and really creative service! Wish i coulda been there to experience it!


But does the picture perpetuate that alt.worship is mostly white males... speaking as one of the white males at grace last night ;-)

or is it that the white males are the ones that get up and spout off when given a chance!!


i reckon there were as many women as men there but they didn't take the opportunity!

Jonathon Norman

jonny, thanks for sharing a glimpse of the gathering. very inspiring, indeed. my buddy gavin from gavoweb.blogs.com and i have our worship feast- prayer stations cd-rom project out and i want to send you a copy since one of the tracks that were chosen for it is "baker's dozen" with your voice mixed into it.

email me your mailing address: [email protected] and i'll mail it out to you.


Ayres no graces

It was interesting how people were initially a little reluctant to sign up for this. But once it got started, I got the impression that there was a steady stream of people coming through. There's maybe something there about needing time and encouragement to find our voices, and the importance of helping other people find theirs.

As for the white male predominance that Adam picked up on, it's true that men are gobbier, but why didn't more women come forward? Probably more to do with church and society in general rather than with Grace in particular. Are women less likely to feel the need to find their voice in public, or do they still feel silenced, even in our postmodern inclusive age?


Wow!! What a great and yet simple idea... as all the best things tend to be!!
Mmmmm, hoe do I add that to plans for this week...

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