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i wonder if this misreading is based on a pentecostal/charismatic worldview?


Well Mr. Cohen missed giving offense to this one reviewer, I wonder how many of his American cousins took it the same way!

Borat was simply a lot of offensive fun. Squirming on the seat, not really knowing to laugh or cry. Mass market offense.....


How anyone can actually think there is anything serious in that movie is beyond me - in fact the Romanian village portrayed in the movie is now suing Mr. Cohen for slander and whatnot.

Santosh Ninan

My wife and I saw this movie. I think it is a bit of a stretch to think that this film portrays a genuince Christian conversion. This movie is one long satire, so it is hard to read anything really serious into it.

Also - if I knew that nude wrestling scene was going to be so graphic I probably would not have seen it.

Simon Hall

I haven't laughed-while-squirming so much since trying to watch the whole of Fawlty Towers in one sitting... I have to say that they lack of rudeness to Jesus did catch my attention. My guess is that the conversion scene was part of the narrative, so they couldn't risk getting kicked out of the church - but what were they thinking? There was a camera there!

Who knows? I'll bet someone somewhere will become a Christian thanks to Borat... Except that I don't bet.

Martin Montgomery

I interpreted it as a commentary on the Christian faith. Ignore outsiders until they believe what we believe, then embrace them - pat them on the back and send them on their way. Another soul saved! Amen!

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