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Thanks for that link, really interesting article to have a read through!


In a recent talk I gave to a group of 6th Formers - basically about TCC - I was asked what the difference between a trickster and a terrorist was... And I think this idea of loyal radicals is about right.

A terrorist has no loyalty to that which he/she is trying to change. Whereas a trickster, even though they may agitate, frustrate and seriously challenge an organization, do so out of loyalty: the want things to change and can't stand for things to be left to rot.

As an aside, we then reflected that perhaps what the Palestinians had lacked - and what the Indians and US Blacks had had in Gandhi and MLK - was someone to play trickster, not terror...


Trickster... interesting take on it. Reminds me of some of the prophets roles - while most traditionally view prophets as rebels, outcasts, on the fringes of society, more than a few (Elijah and Elisha to name two) where actually regularly at the court/palace. They functioned kind of like 'jesters' in a way - they were allowed to provoke the king in ways other people weren't.


i like your thinking though i think trickster can be more malevolent in the mythologies...

but the notion of benevolent subversion is saying that - yes be subversive but out of a sense of caring about what you arte subverting because you see it needs to change to move on (or be called back to its roots - radical).


Two really nice phrases. I'm going to use those.

And vaguely related on the trickster theme: knowing your interest in Banksy, have you heard about Sheone's show Exit, at the Union Works? Looks intriguing.

John Cooper

Nice post Jonny...

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