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jon birch

food for thought


I posted this on my blog and got this comment: http://swryv.wordpress.com/2007/02/01/community-is-you/#comments Made me take a step back and think...


i think i liked two things about it - the use of language. things like 'you are the wisdom of crowds, you are community...' but i also liked its positive engagement with the internet. of course there's a crap side as well. but too often christians berate popular culture and technology rather than celebrate it...
i simply don't buy the manipulation of the millions or that the masses are gullible - that's a sort of marxist cultural studies approach from the seventies. i think peoples use of and interaction with media is a lot more complex and people are not just duped...


I have to say that I love the writing, and tend to agree with you. I think that the internet makes it less likely that people can be fooled or manipulated because there is always someone out there digging away at every story to check its veracity. The lonley girl 15 fake on youtube is a great internet example.

I'd still strike a note of caution on the masses being manipulated. It's still very possible. We're in a war that no-one wanted...

I watched V For Vendetta the other day and loved the fact that the lone voice wasn't enough. People had to turn up to make the change happen. Does the net encourage that? Or is it too easy for people like me to post on my little blog and think that because 3 people read it I'm changing the world?

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