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Thanks for posting that Jonny - it spoke directly to my heart and where I am struggling. More and more I am disinclined to speak and more inclined to be in the hope that when I do speak the words I use come from the life I live. That make any sense? Anyway, thanks. Much appreciated.


William Beer gave me a copy of the Christ of the Indian Road when I left college in 1992. I need to re-read it again, but when I first read it I struggled with many things in the hyper-fundi atmosphere I was in!


E. Stanley Jones is one of my seminaries (asbury theological) favorite sons. If you really dig Jones you should read about his best friend from Asbury College who was also a missionary in India, Bishop J. Waskom Pickett. They were really different but both very inspiring. Pickett's biography is called "The Road to Dehli" here at Amazon.http://www.amazon.com/Road-Delhi-Bishop-Pickett-Remembered/dp/8187712112

Andrew Kenny

Hi jonny,
I'm glad you like E stanley Jones as I've mentioned him a few times on my blog. The last quote by him was:
I am an ordinary man doing extraordinary things because I 'm linked with the extraordinary. But apart from this I am very ordinary. And worse. A woman put it this way: 'Apart from the Holy Spirit, Brother Stanley would be a mess.' She was right. But with the Holy Spirit I am not a mess, but a message, for I have a message. This is not boasting. It is witnessing, witnessing to Another. To say anything else would be a false humility which is concealed pride.'


I've been pondering how to reply to this. Without doubt the ideas in the exchange are really excellent.

But having lived in India, I question how much more peace-loving Hindus really are - especially with the way Hindusim is now manipulated for political and nationalistic reasons and the consistent pro-Hindu violence against minorities (and women).

There IS some great inculturated work going on in India, but sadly there is a lot of importing of Western Christian culture by Indian leaders themselves. I recall with sadness a conversation with a stunningly dynamic minister whose big lament was the lack of funds to buy, of all things, an overhead projector. HIs reasoning was that with that his church would be "free to worship like you do in the west."

Ali Campbell

This is excellent stuff, thanks for the quotes you posted - got to get the book.


very informative piece. if you’d like to read more about how the gita inspired gandhi, check out http://www.gitananda.org/about-gita/index.php

Account Deleted

just reading your blogs on gandhi. thanks u so much. i'm indonesian, just interested to read about jones. Gb

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