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What's really cool about that photo is while the color (or colour if you prefer...) seems uniform you cannot reproduce it in photo editor.

It makes me smile too. Thanks Jonny.


i am smiling too........nice to have a bit of blue........up here where the pixies live it is very grey right now..........thanks for breaking up my heavens !!


Wow. It sounds like "modern art snobbery" to say this, but that photo draws me in. Open sky, thin space. Where do I go? What do I want to do? What is God inviting me into?


I had the whole of February off inbetween jobs. I had hoped to get out and take lots of photos but it rained pretty much EVERY day of the month. Started to get me down. Although I am back working I am smiling as I can look out of my window at the blue sky.


love the photo. i took yesterday off at the last minute and spent most of it sitting in the courtyard, drinking coffee and looking at a sky as blue as that one. except it was autumn sky, not spring. so good for the soul.

Jillain Edington

i just want you to know, that i was shuffling about today thinking, gosh, it's the first warm day of spring and it's all drippy rainy.( i live in cincinnati, ohio US). and i remember distinctly remarking to myself the following, "self, at least you never moved to London!" and here you have the audacity to post such glorious photos of the worlds clearest sky! geesh!
-fond of your blog,
a lurker named Jillian


The weather is great at the moment. I love this time of year. My neighbour was cutting their grass for the first time of the year yesterday (I'm too lazy to do mine yet!) the smell of freshly cut grass was nice. Looks like it's going to be another nice day again today - enjoy yours whatever you are doing :)


make the most of it guys, snows coming back in within the week....love prophet of doom, tim.!


Been thinking the same thing.
It feels like Spring is at odds with lent.
see http://wordsinacertainorder.blogspot.com/
'Lent vs. Spring'


although the original meaning for lent is spring i think?...

Paul Martin

That's a good idea - a link within a poem. Especially to coffee!

Although next thing you know someone will be doing a link within a link within a poem, the whole Shakespeare thing, play within a play...

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