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Holy Famoley

Aah, such tragedy - a simple case of too much, too soon, the curse of celebrity. As he is now in the gutter, is it not so much a case of dipsy as dipso? Get yourself to rehab, boy!


:) all I can say is uh-oh!

Becky Garrison

The Teletubbies are in the States - remember the fracas when Jerry Falwell said Tinky Winky was gay cause he's purple with a triangle on his shirt and carries a purse? From what I gather groups of college students like to watch the show stoned. Perhaps that explains Dipsy's condition?


If this floats your boat (a speciality market I admit) then check this out:


Mike, that's pretty funny!

jon birch

is it just me, or does dipsy in this photo look like something from a really scary nightmare?!
is it possible, becky, that tinky winky was a girl? i don't enough on the subject of teletubbies to know.


THere's just something sad when our heroes fall from grace...


i didn't say dipsy was my hero!

becky garrison

Jon - I haven't checked Tinky Winky to see if it's a boy or a girl - you're welcome to that job if you want it. My hunch is it's neutered like Ken - though rumors abound that Ken was gay too. Now, Dr. Dobson outing Spong Bob Square Pants - that made a bit more sense-NOT. Do y'all have religious nutjobs like this in the UK or are we unique in the States with the Dobson, Falwell, Robertson, Coulter and Co.?

Methinks Jonny doth proest too much re: Dipsy.


Dobson's outing Sponge Bob? For real?

Oh, there are days when I'm emabarrassed to admit I'm a Yank ;-)

jon birch

i've had plenty of days when being a brit was embarassing... our respective leaders, blair and bush, i guess they fall into the 'nutjob' category.
maybe it's because america is so big that it appears to have more religious madmen... we probarbly have a few in this country, but they don't
grab the headlines... maybe it's one of those things where america is ahead of us and in twenty years time we'll have a whole crop of mini-falwells ourselves!
what is it that makes these guys want to 'out' people all the time? it's like a really strange fixation!

oh, and jonny definitely protests too much derek... i've seen his teletubby underwear and his dipsy pin-badges... maybe it's time we 'outed' him mate! :-)

becky garrison

Jon - If memory serves me correctly, don't y'all have certian conservative members in your government that tend to get involved in some rather warped sex scandals -- not to mention the Royal Family's romps thoughout history? Heck, some of the first sex jokes I learned came from watching Benny Hinn and Monty Python when I was way too young to be watching that stuff (the fact I got most of the jokes is another story).

There's a very strong Victorian stream that runs through a lot of American fundamentalism (George Marsden's books are excellent resources for getting at the core of American fundamentalism) - I get SO annoyed with the US media for lumping the terms evangelical, fundamentalist, and Christian into one lump that I just say I follow Jesus and leave it at that. Another good book if you want a historical romp through all of this is Richard W. Fox's Jesus in America.

The issue of homosexuality in American religious life is quite a tangled web - I am a pre-natal Episcopalian (late father was a priest, you do the eccelsiological science) but I attend a Lutheran church because right now, I can't deal with the politics behind this church split - the Episcopal Diocese of New York is more political than most. I am finding very similar company with others, who just want to go to church without both extremists pushing the issue of hujman sexuality to the forefront of the debate. I'm starting to think maybe we need a split so we can all get real here about WWJD?

I do know from having attending Yale Divinity School for 4 years (MDiv/MSW) that a good percentage of the guys there were gay including the married ones - and these were guys from mostly more liberal minded mainline denominations. I don't recall that many lesbian woman but then as a straight chick, the womyn's center wasn't receptive to those of us that liked dudes so I didn't play much with that crowd. Why is it that they had to get married to present this perfect front of the pastor/wife/kids combo? I don't have the answers here but seems to me that what some denominations expect from a pastor is someone who is not fully human. As Haggard proved, the fallout is horrible all around when the truth comes out. I've heard enough pastor's wives stories (we have one who just went to jail for shooting her husband claiming years of abuse) to know something ain't right.

Now, you come from a religious tradition that views all sex (including masturbation) as "dirty" except for the purposes of procreation, that's gonna warp your mind. (I am aware of the sex manuals the LaHaye's wrote in the '70s but if you took one look at Timmy boy and Beverly, they look so creepy they'd be the perfect poster kids for celibacy.) I do wonder how many of these guys suffer from Ted Haggard-itis if you get my drift and perhaps like Jonny and Dipsy they doth protest too much. And Dobson and Falwell have de-evolved to the point where they are outing fictional characters - that's getting into Pat Robertson's assassinate democratically elected leaders territory.

As far as Jonny's undearwear - I'll leave that to Jenny and you boys to deal with. Ain't gonna touch that. I would get more than a bit worried if he ever starts wearing anything with the words Barbie or Princess on it.

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