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A few years ago I found myself saying to people... "you should really try to listen to the stuff on Radio 2, it really isn't old and stuffy any more!"

Alongside this, with the arrival of the ipod, I've found myself just listening to the old stuff (heads, costello, xtc)and the cream of the new (Groove Armada, Faithless). The new stuff often just sounds like a poor rehash of the old.

But let's face facts... this is just us moving into our middle-age. It just looks different to how it did for our parents.


Thanks for the memories. Some of them just last week, when I put New Order on my Ipod!

Becky Garrison

Gardening I get but golf? Have you bought into the golfing wardrobe yet? That's when you know you've lost it.


Why is "moving on" a virtue? Why shouldn't someone move backwards?

In 1980, I listened to Abba.

In 1985, I listened to Bob Marley.

In 1990, I listened to Fleetwood Mac, and was very nearly put off for life by their song "Oh Well".

In 1996, I listened to REM. They're not as good as they used to be.

And now... I listen to Faure. No modern composer can compare.


golf wardrobe - oh no of course not! golf is a fashion disaster area - i completely agree... i play the occasional game.

it's not so much looking back that's the problem. it's being stuck that i don't get i.e. listening now to what i listened to twenty years ago and have ever since. sure i discover old music and enjoy it. one of the great things about music though is being opinionated about it isn't it?!

becky garrison

I think it's the not evolving that gets to me - I still crank up Springsteen, The Stones and some of the classics that I listened to in college but I really don't want to go out clubbling like I did in the '80s (and my liver couldn't take it).

Also the older I get the more childlike I feel in a Mike Yaconelli sort of a way. I find the people 40+ that I admire the most have an adult sensibility (meaning they don't live in their parents' basements and attempt to be self-supporting) but they haven't lost that childlike wonder that makes life so fricking amazing.

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