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jon birch

i hate flip flops... it's the sound they make... the 'pffflll' bit in the middle of the sound is particularly distressing... the sound of rubber detaching itself from sweaty flesh... ugh! and the noise draws your attention to the wearers feet... mostly this is very upsetting! men who wear flip flops are sent to try me! nice picture though. :-)

jon birch

also... the way they have that bit of rubber between the big toe and the next toe... it's all wrong! like a g-string for the feet... aaaaagh! the foot should not be divided like this, just like the fact that buttocks come in twos need not be accentuated!


certainly dont need them this weekend

cashmere socks...


easy tigers - i don't own a pair. i just liked the colours!!!!!


Jon, what are you talking about? I live in flipflops once the weather is warm enough. Maybe I'll just have to come and visit you in the winter. Or maybe you need to make peace with your feet.

jon birch

hi jen... it's that horrible sucky/slappy noise they make... and they never really get off the ground so there's that irritating sliding/scuffing noise... eeeek!
i also hate the word 'pamphlet' (if that's how you spell it) because it sounds like the noise a flipflop makes! my worst nightmare is someone in flipflops coming to my door giving out pamphlets! i wouldn't answer the door, i'd probarbly hide under the settee! ... and, what is more, i'd be right to do so!
btw. i'm perfectly at peace with my feet, i just don't see why i should have everyone elses inflicted on me.

hi jonny... i know you'd never wear flipflops, that's the main reason we're still great friends! i thought me and jen were friends, now i'm not so sure. she's going to have to do change!


Know what's even worse? If someone spills something sticky like soda on their feet whilst wearing flip flops! Then it sounds like "thittth pa pffflll". There's that kind of popping noise right before the sound that irritates you.

BTW - where I live in the US, it's HOT and flip flops are every where! You'd love it here. ;-)


More of a rip flop


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Lisa D

Not liking flip-flops may be almost un-American Jon! Haha! I love them, and virtually live in them this time of the year. I found an incredible website that offers the most comfortable flip-flops, and not only are they comfortable, but they are affordable. Fast and Free shipping. You cannot beat the deal. Check them...


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