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jonny this is wonderful stuff. i love the grace and generosity with which you have approached it - and your courage.


The fact that you were invited to do this is awesome, and shows the fruit of your investment in this year after year.

(BTW something is broken in your layout.)


nothing is broken in my layout - try refreshing a few times and all should be fine. your cache is still storing the old style sheets or something.


i am fully refreshed, honest - but there is something about the layout that is still totally crazy and difficult - very strange........................


ok - tell me more...


blog now appears on my screen as a very long single continuous list - no blog header, left column as a list, then blog entry all strung out, then right hand column as a list - no font differentiation - no footer - quite odd......................something to do with tabulature that my computer is not listening to in the new format ??


hey....what did you do ???.......or was it something i did ???......whatever it was it works.........your blog looks really good.....thank you !


i'm no expert but i think the issue is that your browser has a cache which means that it saves you tme by storing certain things from sites that you have visited so that if you revisit it doesn't have to downlaod everything again. this might be images and stylesheets. stylesheets are what control the layout of the page. so when i change the site your browser applies what it has saved and thinks shoukd apply to this page but no longer works. but once you revisit the site a few time sthe cache gets updated and it suddenly catches up and you see what you should. make sense? anyway glad it works...


am very glad for more excuses to visit !! thank you........

Richard Hovey

I'm glad this was so positive. I struggled to get into Ignatius a long time ago, but am now having a more successful second attempt.

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