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Mr. Baker, you look like you're 15 in your photo - how is it possible that you have a kid that old? you either have

a. aged VERY WELL
b. had plastic surgery (shh..I won't tell)
c. photoshopped your pic (I imagine you're pretty handy with the ol PS by now)

...or that's not actually you in your photo

Holy Famoley

Well Jonny, don't run away from it; embrace your fawn cardy, your tartan carpet slippers and your Werther's Originals - seems to me you've earned the right to be a sad old dad!

jon birch

you are a sad old dad with no friends... face it!

becky garrison

Now, now Jon. I wouldn't call Jonny a sad old dad without friends. I see groups of sad old dads sitting in diners and on park benches talking about the weather and other exciting (?) topics all the time here in NYC.

I wouldn't worry about the sad old dad stereotype until Johnny shows up in support hose (not sure what the UK equivalent is here) and walking shorts with suspenders and the waistband up around his underarms. The added touch would be a cell phone clipped to his belt and a travel pouch (not sure what the UK term is but Shane Claiborne told me he called used a word to describe these packs that some people put around their waists to hold stuff a term that means nothing in the States but is quite vulgar in the UK).

As far as the age, I don't act or look my age by a long shot - perhaps Jonny just takes good care of himself, maybe he goes through an extensive age-defying regime he could share or maybe he got married when he was a preteen. I doubt he can afford plastic surgery on a church salary. I would think if he photoshopped it, he'd have combed the hair down a bit. That pic does look a bit like a young Christian Slater so I wouldn't rule out substituting a photo though.


maybe a young Christian Slater.

Becky - I was also told not to use that American phrase for the "waist pack" whilst in the UK. better safe than sorry...I would have totally spaced it so I'm glad you brought it up first ;)

jonny - do you use age defying creams? that MUST be it.


Shane has been great at clueing me in - I do need some help when I go to Ireland do I don't commit a serious faux pas.

Jonny also might have youthful genes - my grandmother could have passed for 60 when she died at 81.

Another sad dad thing to watch out for - if he ever gets one of those metal detectors and starts searching for treasure - a favorite pastime of sad dads here in the States - oh and actually wears golf clothes.


hehe...you sound like you spend a lot of time in Florida ;)

My husband has very youthful genes too...I'm extremely jealous.


we call them bumbugs.....

jon birch

he's very wrinkly close up :-)

ps. not really... and he'll always have the advantage of being younger than me! i've never like him! :-)


bumbugs or bumbags?!

thank you all for your kindness ;-)


ah yes. need to be careful of typos when educating folk...

becky garrison

Jonny - I defended you here bud. I said you don't fit the criteria (yet) for sad old dad.

Thank you for the English translation lesson - the last thing I want to do is use a vulgar term unintentionally. I still think "bumbags" sounds worse than the term we use in the US. Then again Ian ragged on us for saying we go to "the bathroom" or the "ladies room" when in fact the term y'all use sounds much more disgusting. I still remember the time I asked where the drug store was when I was in the UK in the early '80s and I thought I was going to get arrested. No wonder the UK-US emerging church dialogue gets so confusing.;-)

I don't spend much time in Flordia but I grew up in North Carolina where we had our share of these sad old dad stereotypes.


Any time my husband wears jeans, running shoes a tshirt and a baseball cap he looks so much like a "dad". He avoids it at all costs hehe. I've actually never heard "sad dad" as some sort of official phrase - fascinating.

and I agree, bumbag sounds really gross

...so if bathroom isn't used in England (as a word), what is? loo? water closet?


Just let your hair down you lot - the mystery word is FANNYPACK ;-)

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Why can't you Yanks get a grip of the English language? Pants is another key area for slipping up, if you'll excuse my usage. 'Didn't you wear those pants yesterday?' 'Yes, but how could you tell?'

And yes, we do use 'bathroom' over here. But that's way too polite. When Jonny was a wee nipper it was 'out house', I think. With no flush. Or electric.


Kester - I trusted someone like you would say the word - I'm too ladylike. Yes, I am familiar with the British use of the words pants and yes, sometimes you can tell they need to be changed.

I was told point blank that bathroom was the wrong word as you're not going there to take a bath - at which point I could have made a crude comment relating to cleanliness and godliness but I chose to let it slide. I was told to say loo or toilet. Also, I learned that the US use of the word porta-potty makes y'all laugh. As I grew up down South, I've seen more than my share of outhouses (even used a few), so I share Jonny's past in that respect.

ben hanbury

Jonny that is HILARIOUS!! Also well done to Joel that's pretty amazing to get that kind of mention ...

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