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Simon Hall


Methinks he doth protest too much! It's interesting to see how long it's taken Em thinking to get round to 'para church' elements of the inherited set up. On behalf of those of us who are clergy, I must admit it's quite amusing seeing you work so hard to justify your existence! As you know, we clergy are subject to much more intense scrutiny, so it's nice to see the forces of deconstruction/ouright cynicism aimed somewhere else... ;-)

Keep at it mate...



yes agreed - i can't help thinking how amusing some people will find it to find me so defensive!


jonny, i don't think you're representing me fairly. i was asked to walk into a room of 50 mission agencies and to talk to them about their expertise. i was finding that hugely daunting and quite scarey. what you call "odd", i would call me feeling insecure.

it feels like you've made a straw person out of me and are now feeding me to lions like simon hall.

anyhow, having got that off my chest i'll digest your post a bit more thoughtfully and get back to you.



steve you provoked me and that's a good thing...

i think blogs always risk the danger of setting up straw men to knock down. (i thought simon hall was saying he thought i was protesting too much rather than you btw) i'm sorry if i'm doing that too! it wasn't what was intended. i love your thinking and writing and you often inspire and get me thinking. so this post was meant to swing the pendulum the other way. it's not personal.

in your original post you said :
missional church actually offers a profound realignment for mission agencies. missional church says that mission is not an extra, for over there; but that mission is the whole church. and that will set up an entirely different (and potentially quite uncomfortable) conversation for mission agencies.

that was what i thought was odd. it's precisely what we are doing and reconfiguring to do albeit with some struggle (as i was feeling defensive i didn't tell the stories that don't sit too well with this of course). is there none of the 50 mission agencies engaging with that in nz? it would strike me as utterly bizarre if this was a new idea for mission agencies even though i realise that many of their structures , programmes andd imagination need a total revamp.

Simon Hall

Hey - wow! First time I've ever been likened to a lion! Big teddy bear, normally... I certainly have no desire to eat you Steve - I was just enjoying the harsh light of critique being shone on a different part of the church. This is despite the fact that I, too, work for a 'para church agency', although of course my ecclesiology prevents me from acknowledging that such a thing really exists!

I think I'll go and read your original post now, Steve...



Hey, just wanted to say that this conversation has helped me heaps. at the moment we are configuring a working group to look at doing/being mission(al) within our own geographic region. As a regional Diocesan worker putting parish or local church needs up against the needs of the Kingdom always seem to cause tension and a scrambeling for the right words to describe what we are doing and explain it in a way that doesn't alienate the local expression of God's work (generaly the church) but rather incorporates and empowers them.
I think the 'reconfiguirng as a mission community' can only help this process. Iterestingly enough YFC here in New Zealand are doing the same thing, http://alexandsarah.wetpaint.com/ for a bit more info on that.


appreciate the explanation. i intend to respond more, but need to pay attention to my day jobs at the moment.


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