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jon birch

nice stuff.
helvetica is THE typeface... there are others, but none comes close to the brilliance of its design.

Richard Sudworth

Am I being too pedantic to say that I'm a little uncomfortable with "Live for the moment" being an acceptable re-phrasing of Matt 6:34? Perhaps, "Live IN the moment" but to live for the moment suggests a complete bending to the short-term consumerist culture of our age. Is not the sweep of the Sermon on the Mount determinedly a vision requiring longer term, more circuitous and less obvious goals than those that are immediate. Live IN the now, but live FOR the future that is breaking in.....


i like your take richard...

jon birch

good point richard.


Well stated Richard.


yeah, it's deliberately that way - i read several translations/interpretations before deciding how to reinterpret each passage. i didn't necessarily want the most theologically 'accurate' reading but one that resonated in some way.

so some are worded for impact, some influenced as much by how the type would work than the words themselves and some to make people wonder 'did jesus really say that?' and maybe take a fresh look at the source material.

i like the uneasiness of this one.

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