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jon birch

nice flyer... imagine that toungue of fire landing on your head!


that's a wonderful image for pentecost


it's a photo i took at a bill viola exhbition from a piece of his called fire woman - see http://jonnybaker.blogs.com/jonnybaker/2006/07/fire_woman.html . i actually got thrown out of the exhibition for taking photos - though there was no sign saying you couldn't! this video piece was HUGE - unbelievable floor to ceiling - i was mesmerised by it. it's actually not about the spirit at all - it's a reflection on death. the woman gazes into the flames before falling forwards into a pool and being submerged.


tell us the story of other places you may have also been thrown out of jonny ???


that's the only one for snapping photos. others have just asked me to put the camera away...

David Derbyshire

I am interested in your experiences of praying for people to receive the Spirit outside of a Christian context. Some would say that faith would need to come first. However I was filled the Spirit first - albeit in a Pentecostal prayer meeting - even when I wasn’t sure I believed all this Christian stuff.


it's the perfect metaphor for baptism/pentecost - dying to ourselves, etc.

the imagery within both baptism and pentecost is quite terrifying... i wonder how much alt worship runs the risk of diminishing the metaphors by trying to concretise them. i love how confronting this image is.


someone told me that you could hire bill viola works on dvd for a day. i must investigate... that would be fun!


What a horrible image. My advice would be to flee from such a dreadful communication.

Perhaps a more appropriate question/communication would be: "The Heart Has A Qustion: The Heart Must Be Satisfied" as in this essay.

1. www.dabase.org/tfrbkyml.htm

Please check out these three related references on breathing in the Spirit of God, or the communication of Real God as unbounded feeling and radiant happiness.

1. www.beezone.com/AdiDa/touch.htm
2. www.beezone.com/happytxt.htm
3. www.dabase.org/2armP1.htm#ch1b

Plus this reference gives an Illuminated understanding of the significance and meaning of death,and how/why the REAL understanding of death is the necessary key to Right Life.
Why? Because until one has transcended one's fear of death, everything one does is darkened by a hell deep fear and trembling.

1. www.easydeathbook.com


Thanks for sharing - that picture was worth getting the boot. Given how much photography you do, I'll bet you could get some kind of press access (unless getting caught is part of the fun).

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