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Good stuff Jonny.

Quite agree with the 'spirit in all' theology, and in the link below I tried to relate that to the idea of gift... Whenever gifts are exchanged, the spirit is moving... because it's in the generous act of giving to the 'other' that we become most human.



PS - any reason you don't allow html in your comments?


no reason - the link works automatically. what other html do you want?


and kester i love your stuff on the spirit - fab. that and your stuff on leadership are brilliant

Matt Stone

Just as we speak of general and special revelation I think it is equally valid to speak of the Spirit moving in general and special ways. If we read the Old Testament carefully there are stories of the Spirit moving in people beyond the covenant. My own approach is to pray for healing for non-Christians but to invite them into the deeper mysteries of the Spirit if they are open to them.


Thanks. Just sometimes with long links it's nice to put them 'behind' a link word...

I'm not sure what I think about the general/special revelation parallel Matt. I think we all have the Spirit - that's what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, the spark of consciousness if you will - but some of us are more in touch with it than others. So in praying for non-Christians we are simply inviting them to become more aware of what's already there.

I once described it as finally admitting to yourself that you're in love with someone. It's been there a while, but that conscious moment of admission brings a whole new feeling.

On a connected point, Jonny I think this whole area of 'getting out there' at festivals like this, and how we do that in an effective way is really key. I've just posted some thoughts on Second Life, and church within that, which I think throws up some of the same issues:


Chris G


Thanks for the liturgy. I'll put it to use immediately.


Thanks for the inSPIRATion. Loved Moltmann's book, didn't know there was a follow up--thanks for the clue. Have you read much by Philip Clayton? He was one of my prof's out in California (Claremont School of Theology) and taught a Pneumatology course where we appoached the Spirit's presence in other world religions as well as Xity. Had several different kinds of religious people in the class, (Hindus, Pentacostals, Korean Methodists, Episcopalians, African United Methodists, Jews) and one aspect was an experiential thing where we shared different practices from many of these traditions. It was my favorite class at CST (and unfortunatly first and last with Clayton.)

Matt Stone

Kester - I believe even the animal kingdom is sustained by the Spirit, so I'm by no means suggesting non-Christians can't experience the Spirit. I just happen to believe God did something particularly special at Pentecost, something that has to be entered into voluntarily, something more than just a little bit more. As we heal people through the Spirit we should not fear inviting them into that deeper relationship for fear of alienating them. If the Spirit is truly at work the seeds planted will bear fruit.


Three years ago I was wandering around [mental hospital] completely shattered physically, emotionally and spiritually. The mental torment I was experiencing was absolutely terrifying. Every waking second, I was having horrifying images from my past. I thought I was being punished for my past sins. My whole life flashed before my eyes and I felt I had failed miserably in my journey through life. The whole experience was an awakening [THE LONG DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL] a metamorphosis. God was slowly penetrating the shield I had put up all those desperate years. I had no "I" - that is what God wanted for me, to become Christ centered, not “I” centered [in retrospect]. There is nothing in this world, but the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He eventually delivered me from my HELL; when I got down on my knees and asked Him for mercy and forgiveness for my sins. God breathed on me. Praise the LORD!!

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