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becky garrison

And here I thought we had all the religious nutjobs over here in the States.

Jeff Moulton

Becky - you know better than that. We only have the AMERICAN nutjobs (which would be most of us, I suspect).

Jonny - I like that devangelism term. It makes perfect sense. I do wish some of these people who put so little "strategic" thought into their actions would try and follow something like Exodus literally. Wandering around in the wilderness for forty years would probably have a way of bringing someone's witness into focus.


do you think there is ANY place for street preaching? ...this coming from a parish evangelist who focuses on relationship evangelism, building wholesome, trusting, loving relationships.


i'm sure there could be. but surprise people. make them smile. pull the rug from under their feet.

becky garrison

Jeff - In a goofy way I was going off Sam Harris' repeated claims that if only America could follow the way of enlightened Europe and rid ourselves of religion, we'd all be much better.


Ya...good call. Smiles are always good.

Holy Famoley

It's actually quite sad, really. This poor old dear probably thinks she is doing a really good and courageous job - I think it is courageous 'cos I personally would never do anything like this and I've never had the bottle to knock on doors either. But the whole 'good news' thing is lost in the scariness of the delivery. I have never gone in for converting people but sometimes God puts you into relationship with another and things develop naturally at their bidding. But then I'm a bit of a romantic...much nicer, methinks, to facilitate another's falling in love with their Creator...


A recent Nooma picked up this issue. See the post @ http://srjf.blogspot.com/2007/07/street-preachers.html for two sides of this debate.


A recent Nooma picked up this issue. See the post @ http://srjf.blogspot.com/2007/07/street-preachers.html for two sides of this debate.


man, nice that you guys at least know how to spell TRACTS
Nice job lad

jon birch

i kind of want to hug the little lady... and then i want to go and smack her church leader in the mouth!

Jason Clark

jonny, thanks for a fantastic laugh, that's awesome. Once upon a time I would have thought it was a good thing, then once I would have been really annoyed and angry and these days I just smile and think we're all on a journey, bless her, hopefully she's happy in her own world and not hurting anyone. Enjoy Greenbelt, bit far for me but I'm heading back to Blackstump again this year.

Steve Spicer

At least she's doing something. Not looking up her own arse. And you'd be surprised I guess at how many people "old-fashioned" evangelism brings in.

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