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mmm...on the one hand I get the point and empathise totally but then on the other these debates have been going on since Paul's time. Isn't it a cop out/self indulgent just to turn away.

I dare say the debate will continue......... but those of us working within established churches are honestly doing our best - we know not all of us are but.......

please - join us, lead us, work together or get out of the way and indulge in..........oh I don't know


it's clearly a rant and a conversation starter - i thought it worth a link that was all! it got me thinking, especially some of the comments on the post...

i spend lots of time working with established churches as well.

keep on keeping on...


yep... keep on keeping on!
i did the cartoon to get a conversation rolling... and a jolly good and positive conversation it's been too... don't worry, there'll be a new topic soon. :-) thanks for the link jonny.

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