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Thanks Jonny - as noted, this book is intended to be a conversation starter. Here's hoping I lit a match that can start a fire. I encourage people to keep their eye out for some more of Church Publishing's offerings - very interesting.

BTW-Tony's interview was done via phone. I emailed the transcripts for all people that I interviewed via phone and in person for them to review (those I did via IM and email obviously could see their responses). The bulk of the editing was to cut items into the various sections. If I made cuts, it was for length.

Paul Laughlin

Thanks for the review. I heard a lot of this in some of the conversations with the mainline broadcast on the emergent podcast. I agree with your concerns and was not so impressed with Tony Jones comments at those events. I felt Phyllis Tickle made a lot of sense and her perspective on what can be learnt from mainline churches made it much more of a conversation. They are well worth listening to. Paul


Just thought I would post something here in response to your review Jonny, esp the sentence

"I think the reason for this is multiple but the c of e and methodist churches report mission shaped church being an official report has meant there has been a culture of permission for newness in places within the structures of denominational churches. fresh expressions, emerging church, alternative worship and other things have found space to breathe in and around the edges of the structures (not exclusively which is also good). and dare i say the likes of cms, an anglicanish mission agency, church army and others has also helped."

I have just read the report "Mission Shaped Church report" from cover to cover. If I'm honest, which I shouldn't be really, it never does me any good, but I usally approach the task (if I do at all!)of reading a centrally authored Cof E report/document with all the enthusiasm of the occupants of a turkey farm in early December! However, the Mission Shaped Church report is, in my humble opinion, one of the most pivotal reports produced by the C of E. It should be required reading for all clergy/readers/lay ministers and indeed most of the laity such is its clarity and lucidity. Sadly many who should have read it either haven't got round to it at best or have no intention of reading it at worst, yet are fairly happy to comment on it as if they had!

I am also full of admiration for the work done by CMS, Church Army etc,. Church Army in particular are right at the forefront of Anglican FE/Emerging Church stuff. The only niggling concern I have, and if you are out there in blogland Church Army guys and gals, please do not take this personally, please could you propose a rebranding exercise to the powers that be. Does "Church Army" give the right cultural message or does it smack a bit of church colonialism/inperialism? Over to you!



thanks... yes i'm sure there have been several discussins about the title church army' - i'll pass it on though!


Jonny - I will try and keep this reply relatively short...honest!! I'm not meaning to sound sycophantic Jonny, but I have just looked at the CMS website and would like to revise my earlier comment, and say that those of you in you CMS as well as Church Army are at the forefront of FE/Emerging Church stuff.

As you have probably gathered I am reasonably new to the FE journey, but a gradual realisation is beginning to dawn on me that for quite a while now I have been living as a postmodern man in a postmodern world while helping to lead and minister within the context of a modern church.(and I would argue that we are fairly progessuive as Anglican churches go!) Our church is currently in transition but the big challenge I feel is taking people with us on the journey, without making others feel maginalised or isolated. I also feel that in the future God is going (indeed already is) beginning the process of transforming our existing community whilst also encouraging to form new community(ies)/Fresh Expression(s)to meet people where they are on their journey and not where we think/assume they (at best) or where we think/believe they should be (at worst). Hope that makes sense.


Yes...believe it or not that was short!!

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