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I started to loose face (what it's called when you've had enough of facebook (or should be)) when I changed my status to engaged and the sidebar started to fill with adverts about wedding photographers, wedding loans and other wedding related ways to waste money. It's days are numbered (hence the re-design at embody).


These days I tend to Twitter anyway... it avoids all the adverts and stupid apps that are killing Facebook.


wow - love the look of embody...


Thanks Jonny. Fibonacci numbers and the golden section don't you know ... the very rules of creation.


agreed, one of way too many webspaces that confuse busyness with creativity; connection with community - see facebook, twitter, etc.


I joined Facebook in September to establish a point of contact with colleagues on my course. I agree wholeheartedly with the above link. At first it was fairy useful but everyone just got busy and stopped posting. Someone had problems when their (quite tame, actually) comments were spied upon by the wrong people. I have neither poked anyone nor been poked (but I'm not bitter!) I refuse to sign up to any applications like superwall for the privacy reasons so nobody is able to send a post-it with a drawing of someone pooing on it - I feel deprived, naturally! The only reason I'm still on it is that it has enabled me to re-establish tenuous links with family members who use it. You're missing nowt!


that's a fun article and confirms my decision not to get bogged down in facebook. thought it'd be a waste of time, sounds like it is. off to look at the embody redesign now to see whether bruce is still a genius or whether he's lost his touch. :-)


yep... bruce is still a genius. :-)
found a great typo on his site though... apparently bruce does courses or something on 'action leaning'... the site looks fantastic and bruce is as creative as ever... love it. if i knew how to redesign my own blog i would, but i'm not clever enough.
i'm now off to practise a bit of action leaning... far out man. :-)


found a Howie's t-shirt for you! see http://srjf.blogspot.com/2008/04/howies.html

Jordon Cooper

The new Facebook is quitting Facebook.


Ha, I too had enough when I got engaged and the loan ads arrived.

And when I read Tom Hodgkinson's article on it in the guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/jan/14/facebook


In view of all these comments, and in particular the article by Tom Hodgkinson, perhaps it should be a cause for concern that an organisation as venerable as Christian Aid is using Facebook. See http://www.facebook.com/pages/Christian-Aid-Week-2008/10610276709

BTW, I’m not a Facebook user myself. I was sent this link with an advertisement for Christian Aid Week.


Facebook is so last year. Twitter is clearly where it's at. :o)


chris j

i joined facebook a week or so ago...wow...im bored outa my mind

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