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Jonathan Brink

Johnny, you got the American cover. I like the UK version better. So does Tom.


The UK covers tend to rule - Kester's UK cover was much cooler than the flowery thing for the US release. Agreed re: the book - excellent read.


i wasn't complaining aboit the cover as it was given to me when i was in the US!


Blame me. I gave Jonny the book. I'm fortunate to have a UK version of it, yes much prettier cover design, but same challenging and inspiring content.

Thanks Jonny for such great review.

Check out place to go for belgian beer when you come to visit Seattle - http://www.diebierstube.com/


di priest

great review. how can i get the book in australia?


amazon i assume?

Paul Laughlin

Thanks for pointing this out. Years ago I was really challenged by Mustard Seed vs McWorld - so it would be good to read Sine again.


John Allan

I don't want to be pernickety but... For the record, "conspirator" has nothing to do with "going with the Spirit" - it comes from the Latin conspirare, which means literally "to breathe together" (i.e. people in a conspiracy are thinking together and so "breathing the same air"). That's how Marilyn Ferguson meant it, for example, in the title of her New Age classic The Aquarian Conspiracy.


thanks john - i have never done a lesson of latin in my life - was quoting from karen ward in her endorsement!... but i like the meaning you suggest

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