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'when you are local you pick up on things that are transitory' - interesting in our wee neighbourhood group, we have had a death and two families moving recently - that has quite a profound effect on a street in a village - if we weren't all connected locally by brunch at the weekend, none of us would have related over those huge transitions - as it is they have served to galvanise our desire to be together more and have more contact, to talk more about the smaller changes here and to recognise their importance - people seem to have a need to share together and recognise the fleeting things - sometimes we have been struck by how much they want to mark even a small moment - photographs have been central in trying to capture the meaningfulness of some of those transitory things - in a settled neighbourhood, it can be the smallest of things that are different, even momentarily, that provide an excuse for us to connect with one another and really notice - i like the phrase 'corridor of uncertainty' too


I think it would be definitely interesting to explore 'corridor of uncertainty' and how it relates to mission, and indeed to exploring Christian faith as a whole. Maybe could be a useful way to help describe the mystery and 'grey'space we can find ourselves in....

I love that idea of being in the everyday - life as a series of small adventures


As a cricket fan I am aware of the 'corridor of uncertainty' and think it would be really interesting applying to tha area of mission.

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