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jonny, more and more of your photos look like they were taken in the park next to your house.

you need to get out more

take some SCOTTISH photos this week and give us all a break!


i will try - scotland was last week!

here's one especially for you -


Now, now Andrew - let us not forget that Emily Dickinson wrote her poetry without leaving her house. If Jonny finds all the inspiration he needs in his backyard, that's fine by me. It's when he picks up one of those metal detector and starts roaming the beaches with his pants pulled up to his armpits that we need to get a bit concerned here.


Jonny, I was looking at the dekhomai prayer cards and was wondering if I could use one of them with the prayer to post on my blog? Every week I write a post called "A Sabbath Rhythm" and I thought the prayer of Forgiveness was great.


Jonny, just flicked through the prayer cards— they’re really interesting, but maybe not the way you intended. Each one is a tent. When coupled with the person who picks them up, they produce a space, a ‘spiritual space’, a temporary canopy. The prayer, the map or the instructions are the rules of engagement for that particular generation of space. Its architecture!

David Derbyshire

i am interested to hear how you get on this year praying for people to receive the spirit and be healed, especially as i am hearing from emergewales.com about god moving this weekend in events such as the sloshfest in wales and the florida healing outpouring.

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