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i am really sorry you guys - seems like a really sad situation for everyone that lives in london xxj


I don't. It's not funny.

We have the shame of the BNP sitting comfortably in the GLA and Johnson serving as prior warning to the rest of the UK what is coming when next we vote.

I think I'm right in saying that the vote in London was significantly closer than the country as a whole so look and learn while you laugh.


may I ask exactly what it is your find so disappointing in Boris, surly it can't just be that we have found someone with a sense of humour to vote for?

there are many things that Boris says that have left me with the impression he is a thoughtful being, with an awareness of the need for individual freedom - a sensitivity not guaranteed in a modern politician


Thought process of a voter

"I am going for several beers".

"I am now going to vote for Boris. It'll be a laugh. No-one will believe me when I tell them. It'll be a great joke to tell the grandkids. It'll be just like when America put that cowboy actor as president...... snigger...."

"Ow my head hurts. I wonder who became mayor................... he won!!??!!"

Atleast wemanaged to keep the BNP out of our ward oooop north. I am of course thoroughly ashamed to call 1779 of my neighbours English!!


At least he's not running the country like our clown is.

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