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Brett Tilford

great thoughts.


Jonny, If you dig swarms, you'll love Negri + Hardt's Multitude. Also here's a question:

If swarms, packs and shoals are collective nouns for groups of the same species, what's the collective noun for mixed-species groups? Bunches? Churches?

How do swarms do 'other'?


But isn't that the real problem, people too often follow the pack and the fad? That is why consumeristic marketing has been so successful. Humans want to belong and unfortunately we allow someone else (advertisers) to determine how and when we will belong.


you only become part of a group because you have seen something that you (probably?) want to imitate in the first place.

whether behaviour or thought patterns.

is it possible for this then to morph into 'you belonging to a group just because you do'? in which case then the individual thinking might be 'allowed' within the group - because it's not the thinking or behaviour which makes you part of the group.

but it takes a really strong group to allow for individual thinking and conversely it is only really in this kind of group that the real individual thinking is able to flourish - alongside the nourishment of the group.

one day.....


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