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steve lancaster

Hi Jonny,

Passing through... Just wanted to say I liked the interview you gave with Stephen Crittenden very much. Sharp and relevant questions and answers. What's the equivalent media coverage like in Britain at the moment? I've not heard much recently (but 'below the radar' is cool...)


steve hi... thanks. good to hear from you. i have no idea really about media coverage in the uk at the moment. i think the media energy is all focused on homosexuality and lambeth somewhat predictably!


hey jonny,

just listened to your interview on abc podcast. great interview mate. well done. shame i missed you while you were down. just couldn't get to melbourne (even though i was only a two-hour drive away). real bugger that. sometime soon eh?

Stephen Garner

Yes, a pleasant surprise in my regular podcast subscriptions for the week. Shame it couldn't have gone on a bit longer.


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