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Sally Thornton

'Probably?...probably? where does that come from?....'says Theos, the theology think tank who have donated £50 to the campaign! Some interesting reverse psychology going on here! See http://www.theosthinktank.co.uk/mainnav/theos-news.aspx


For me, this just confirms (yet again) why evangelism is such a waste of time— in all its guises: from belief-mongering to advertising. Good old fashioned identity politics that is fixated with producing mythical others, and generating exclusivity (in or outside the club).

Jonny, I'd be interested to see where evangelism fits within your 'here comes everybody' series?


actually i quite like it.

its fun, and it legitamises the idea that its ok to talk to people about your faith - whatever you believe or don't believe in.

stewart cutler

I loved the Methodist Church's response. They thanked Professor Dawkins for his 'continued interest in God.' Brilliant. I love that Dawkins spend so much time and effort on something he doesn't think exists.

andrew Martin

:-) The shallowness of Richard's argument is perhaps illustrated by the fact that he hasn't found it necessary to buy advertising to announce that "The tooth fairy probably doesn't exist."

Shelton Green


Jeff Moulton

Wow - "probably". That is the most conciliatory comment I've seen from Prof. Dawkins or any of his "followers".


i am continually surprised at the way us Spirit-filled, loving, righteous and graceful Christians mock people who stand up for something we disagree with when we don't think they are watching.


Do you think it was his intention to use words of Jesus (Matthew 6 verse 25)? I'm not being sarcastic.


laurence the intention wasn't to mock - if i was an athiest i would be thinking it was naff! that was the point... i call evangelism that is naff devangelism. this is the equivalent in my view.


...and Carlsberg is probably the best lager in the world.
Smacks ever so slightly of desperation but it did make me laugh...not sure if that was the point!

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