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Amen - thanks for the link. I haven't met Ryan Bolger yet but was told he's part of the emerging church theology put that Nadia organized at AAR - Doug Gay will be there too talking about y'all's book.

It's not just observers and critics though who call into the trap you outlined. Some high-profile authors tout themselves as the experts while claiming this is a horizontal movement. Saying, oh that's not me, that's my publicist talking is rubbish. Maybe an author isn't kept in the loop regarding the first press release/tour but they certainly can have input in subsequent PR efforts.

ryan bolger

Jonny, thanks for the link -- we had the idea a year and a half ago -- and we were really excited about the authors who joined us...http://www.ryanbolger.com/?p=144

Todd Fadel

I'm getting the same sense that simple, engaging initiatives are how this new network will grow within established churches. Personally, i'm working on an initiative that re-introduces the concept of "play" to communities and their leaders.

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