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oh well done jonny. i think your instinct re networks is grand cos it takes ecclesiology to realm of relationality. This of course is trinitarian and this is what i argue in a chapter of my out of bounds book - the one on community. i was concerned about emerging startups that are arrogantly isolationist, and established churches that gatekeep on innovation. so i proposed that using a relational trinitarian model, when a group calls itself church, it must engage with other groups who call themselves church and in doing so, life flows between, yet without either dominating. which is what i think you are also suggesting.

it has also proved a helpful framework in the last years at Opawa, as we have planted emerging congregations in and among an established church and again have sought to encourage innovation with humility.

but you remix of 1 cor is much better



thanks steve - i remember the chapter. i still think your book is one of the best out there on all this stuff. hope you are well. peace


ta jonny. i'm currently slugging away, working on a manuscript applying missional to change, leadership and established churches, so your kinds words are a welcome incentive. writing is such hard work!



interesting that i get to see a tiny conversation from 2 guys whose blogs i've started to read in the recent past.
i'm having some difficulty jumping into a conversation when i still don't know the language and definitions for many of the terms that i read you guys throwing around.
i'm part of a church community in Winnipeg Canada called Grain of Wheat Church Community. we've been around for over 25 yrs and although i'm not sure about definition i would call us "emergent". we try to encourage one another to live close by and to share our lives together, and my wife and i call it the best church experience of our adult life.
i'm interested in some ongoing contacts and conversation about these sorts of topics. i found both of your blogs linked by a minister here in Winnipeg and now i'm reading a bit more about these sorts of concepts.
really i just wanted to introduce myself. i have a blog that i write at blogspot and i want to make the conversation bigger (although again, i'm a bit lost at how to "make the circle bigger").

Laura Sykes

Jonny, I loved this take on Corinthians. I hope you don't mind, but I have copied it to the discussion forum on the Anglican Communion at Lay Anglicana (http://www.layanglicana.org/showthread.php?100-What-is-going-on-in-the-Anglican-Communion&p=581#post581). It reminds me of that wonderful spiritual, 'Dem Bones'. Now hear the word of the Lord!


Laura thanks. Of course that's great!

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