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bob c (aka ariele's side car)

polarized ?

multiple choice quiz:
1. (of an electric plug or outlet) designed so that the plug and outlet fit together in only one way.
2. to divide into sharply opposing factions, political groups
3. To magnetize a substance so that it has the properties of a magnetic dipole, such as having a north and south pole.
4. To cause the electrical and magnetic fields associated with electromagnetic waves, especially light, to vibrate in a particular direction or path.

I will run a quick contest - the first person to answer correctly gets one of these in their own size: http://tinyurl.com/6oyoq2



Doug Gay

Just read the YS thread - very sad - I hope they keep their nerve in the face of so much poison and intimidation. I was in Chicago last week at the AAR conference - coming into town on the L train, the shuffle switched to Morrissey "America is not the World" - America, land of opportunity, where the President is never black, female or gay and until that day you have nothing to say to me, to help me believe".
A lot of the commentary on the book is ideological cover for the bile of the religious right - white America choking on its own racism. But something has changed for good. Thank God.

Existential Punk

It's people like this why i tired of the church. i like that magnet that Asks God to save me from His people! It's on my fridge now.

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