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Love the colour. Love the clean white fresh-page look.
You're clearly a man with presence(s)!

Thanks for continuing to post such great stuff.
Happy New Year...

Alan Wilson

Congrats on new design. Thanks for sharing logic, which surely computes.
Feedback: White space is beautiful. Legibility improved incl for restricted access readers. Presences a key concept, and full integration with other social media deeply impressive. Very much way to go, and the five colour thematic archive brilliantly elegant access strategy. Looks good ok an iPhone, too... or maybe everything does.

Paul B

I do enjoy visiting your blog... the new look is class! Happy New Year!

Steve K.

looks good, Jonny!

Good explanation of the changes too.

All around good stuff!

David Derbyshire

Great Jonny! I just wondered if you are planning to rotate the 10 recycled posts on the home page or if they are a sort of top ten?

Bill Kinnon

I like this a lot, jonny and may need to consult you on a "repristination" of my humble corner of the blog world as I enter blog year five in March.

Adam Walker Cleaveland

Stuff looks great Jonny! Love the new layout and focus on "presences"

I think you need to schedule another trip across the pond to the Bay area - we need to hang out again!

bob c


you given any thought to sharing the theme ?

Greg The Explorer

Change is always good - well almost always...keeps people on their toes. Thanks for posting your world where we can all share parts of it with you...your thoughts and resources are a great help to those of us out here trying exploring creative/alt.worship and emerging church issues in a mainline church world. Thanks you, cudos and a Happy New Year to you Jonny




thanks everyone - glad the reaction seems to be positive! yes i'll change the recycled every so often david.

si johnston

one of the only blogs i keep an eye on, after departing the blogosphere several years ago! enjoy it as a means of keeping track with you fella. hope you enjoy the year and will watch it unfold here...


Looking good mate... though not sure about the final "presence"! ;-)

Existential Punk

Like it except too much white. The white hurts my eyes. Love the layout and how you have cleaned up the main page. Miss the blog links on the main page. i don't usually like to click to another page for links. It's your blog and i appreciate you and your writings, so that's the MOST important thing.

Warm Regards,

Existential Punk

oh, and i could use your help and creativity in designing my blog to get away from templates even though i like my recent redesign with a new typepad template!

Happy New Year!



This is much better, I like all the white really clean and easy to navigate.
Happy New Year.


Looks like you could do with Ping.fm to update all your networks in one hit.One can do updates there which flow into all your different networks. So for example it will update both Twitter and Facebook status updates. Aldo does Flickr, Bebo, various blog platforms



i actually have done that with twitter feed - so when i tweet my facebook updates and when i blog my twitter and facebook status link to the post (that's through typepad). but yes it's great to find these smart tools ...

Jenny Brown

love the new site!
reminds me I must turn my attention to mine.


jenny thank you! high praise indeed coming from the guru... and thanks for the kick to make some changes. we must do another coffee.

andrew jones

simply LOVE those gorgeous stripes on your banner . . . very very Paul Smith.

David Keen

very nice - personally I don't care what colour your blog is as long as it stays up, it's great.

andrew jones

actually, Jonny, your whole site looks superb which is not easy to do with typepad. wordpress has many cool templates but you have built this up with class and taste.

it looks better than mine. i need to start mine over again now to keep up.


ha - andrew you have led the way and inspired me for many years so if i can nudge you in good directions it's not before time! i'm actually still working with typepad templates - the only thing i have changed is a bit of css to get a thinner middle column. happy to share any insights when we hook up in a week or so


p.s. it's staying white everybody - i like it! you'll get used to it... and overall people find it easier to read

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