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Agreed with you re: Slumdog Millionaire - I saw the Wrestler at the New York Film Festival. The highlight for me was the press conference with Mickey Rourke - he was amazingly humble and kind, two qualities I hadn't seen in him before. He explained how he prepped for that role and I was blown away with his newfound dedication to his craft. I found the script to be re-hashed "Rocky" and was hoping for a less predictable ending. But I agree - Mickey Rourke rocked despite the script's flaws. The films that grabbed me more at the festival were Happy Go Lucky, The Changeling (more for Jon Malcovich than Angelina Jolie) and Waltz with Bashir.


loved waltz with bashir, totally unpersauded by jolie in changeling (sorry!) and haven't seen happy go lucky...

Steve Lancaster

Happy Go Lucky's a celebration of North London and the kind of unassumingly creative people you'll recognise down every street. The way ordinary people grow wiser. Lovely moment when the primary school teacher watches a social worker gently open up the trust of a troubled child. And you'll never want to take driving lessons again.


Jonny - agreed re: Jolie - I blogged about this film on the God's Politics blog because the activist minister as played by Jon Malcovich was a true pioneer - for ANY many to come to the aid of a woman and challenge the system circa 1928 when women were viewed as second class citizens was quite brave and prophetic indeed. He was also quite the showman and I thought the film captures this character. I suspect you will enjoy Happy Go Lucky - it really shows the benefit of choosing to always see the glass half full, a lesson I always need to hear. And the acting is absolutely brilliant - Mike Leigh did it again by choosing an amazing cast and then letting them play.

Steve Lancaster

Guys, have you ever thought of Spiritual Direction in terms of the work of film directors? It's quite exciting. I'd steered away from the term, because I thought 'director' was, well, a bit directive. But if life's all about creating stories (and a life lived well is the best kind of story), then those people who make the stories happen, well, they're more than a little like film directors, aren't they? You've the auteurs at one end of the spectrum, and the Mike Leighs towards the other end - as Becky says, letting the actors play. Not forgetting we're all directors in the youtube generation...

So in church you get auteur leaders, and inspirers of improvisation (catalysts?), and lastly, the lone rangers, filming themselves with their spiritual mobiles and up-loading for anyone to look and see...

Fat Roland

Most of the films mentioned here are wonderful, the best two being Waltz and Slumdog. More people should see Happy Go Lucky, but the garish pink advertising put people off.

I found Changeling to be a little flat. Although I thought The Wrestler was excellent, it did tend to repeddle old ideas and character archetypes. And Rourke was a spit of the lion in the Wizard of Oz...

Kevin  Lewis

I was a bit late on the uptake and only saw Slumdog this week, of all places to see it I was at the Southwark Diocese clergy conference! Anyway, here are my reflections, as I start on the blogging journey... http://theblogofkevin.wordpress.com/2009/10/01/a-slumdog-sentimentality/

Hope you enjoy reading...

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