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Interesting about the crowd. We had a very similar experience when we first started experimenting with Alt Worship in our local parish church [seem like a lifetime ago]. The people who came were predominantly retirement age+.

Mike and Dave

the difference in slides is hilarious! presentation is 100% of the message! - mike


Wow... I've just come back from doing similar stuff at SH (although not the worship). It's really encouraging to hear they let you do your stuff, because SH is so self-consciously monochrome it's incredible. I met many people who are part of this tradition but just happen to express their faith in a non-prescribed way. And there are even more people there for the wonderful children's and youth work, but who don't personally identify with the spirituality on offer. Choral evensong would have been a blessed relief... But it gives me great hope that Grace was there - I just wish there had been something similar in Skegness!

I was working with Mark Greene from London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. He's an ex-Ad Man, so his visual stuff looked like yours, whereas mine looked like Joy's (so it may be temperament, rather than generation). On the third and fourth days the PowerPoint broke halfway through and we had more comments afterwards on how wonderful it was to be able to concentrate on the people presenting rather than the visuals than we ever had on their greatness or otherwise. 'Presentation is 100% of the message': if this is so (I doubt it), what does it say that we draw attention away from real, PRESENT people and towards mediated images?


thanks simon... our projectors were rubbish so you could hardly see my nice slides anyway! i wasn't in any way meaning to be negative about joy. she was a great communicator - no notes, totally on her material, and really good to work with. my point was that it was enjoyable working with someone who had a different style and imagination to me, and i think the difference enriched the presentations.

Tim Smith

I really enjoyed the sessions you and Joy did at SH, it's a shame I missed the first one. Thank you for the work you put in.
Like you I enjoyed some of the other expressions of worship. The All-Age Worship with John Hardwick ( www.johnhardwick.org.uk ) was great for us as well as the children. His poem with actions 'Good Friday was a sad sad day' was far more moving than I expected.
Steve Leach was also a very different expression of worship with dance music. Maybe not something I would do every day but I'm very glad I went along
I came along to grace a couple of years ago and will make the effort to come along again.

Alison Parker

Hi there, Jonny,
I Came to all but your first learning zone session and really benefitted from them. I missed the first one 'cos I'm an activist, but the activist sessions were too unengaging for me. Enjoyed the Alternative worship too very much. I am a little younger than your average crowd last week at the age of 49. I'm a methodist minister in Basingstoke. Still my reason for posting a comment here is 'cos I promised my friend Heather I would thank you for all your efforts especially the last service on Wednesday night. She is in her 70s and a bit technologically challenged.
Yours in Christ,

PS My husband (A Pragmatist/Theorist) also came to the last two evenings.

David Derbyshire

Sorry I missed you at Spring Harvest. I went to the second week as all the three birth chalets in the first week had gone. I have just blogged about my time there. I only went to the Big Top once and apart from the artwork there was not that impressed. But I thought the PrayerHouse was very good indeed. I think you might have connected with that.


thanks david - yes i know some of the people who were doing the prayer house in the first week - it sounded good.

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