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Good work! Geez has some great articles. Conspire is a really nice little zine too - I had my first photograph used in a magazine when issue one of Conspire used one of my photos. Really great feeling!


The question remains where does Truth come from?

It certainly does not come from the usual self-possessed undisciplined every person who writes such zines, or struts their stuff on Face-book, You-tube etc.

If you examine the Great Tradition you will find that all of the Sacred Texts were written by men (and sometimes women) of great Spiritual Experience and Wisdom. More often than not they were Realized Saints, Yogis, Mystics, or Sage.

Put in another way all of the great religions, and the various esoteric practicing schools, and monastic communities within the Great Tradition, were founded by men and women of authentic and hard won Spiritual Experience and Wisdom. Which they demonstrated in their personal lives, and to such a degree that they were able to inspire others to accept their guidance and discipline.

Such people, and the highly structured disciplined communities that they founded were thus also the sources and inspiration of all authentic culture.

True culture comes from no other source. It never has, and never will.


that's an interesting view of culture and tradition. i don't really agree with such a static view of culture. those people who we now look to as great and traditional and spiritual were once edge people who upset the tradition with their new ideas and 'heresy' as they sought to follow christ in their culture to bring newness where the tradition had become deadened. i have written about newness and tradition in several places but one example is here - http://www.christianitytoday.com/le/preachingworship/worship/somethingoldsomethingnew.html

in cultural studies culture is seen as a site for contested meanings. new ideas are good but they will only last if they have weight and depth. this is very different to older ideas around high culture being formed by a group of elitists who control the wealth and arts. the church is sometimes in danger of leaning towards this older view - culture formed by experts of the tradition. i think an interplay is far more healthy. even rowan williams in his intro to mission shaped church recognises that renewal comes from the edges hence the need for fresh expressions. so we need to create an environment where there is permission for creativity around the edges rather than one of tight control.


Sue I'm not sure to what you refer by the "great tradtion" but I think in the Christian and Jewish Scritpures and tradtion flys very much in the face of the idea that truth is something achieed by human effort and discapline.

Many of the acclaimed voices of the christian scriptures were not great examples but mere humans. Take King David who as a young man was said to have a heart after the lords and yet in older years commited murder, adultery and other acts that hardly demonstrated 'Spiritual Experience and Wisdom'. Yet he is akey figure in both the Jewish and Christian traditions is writtings through out his life are a standard of worship, meditation and devotion.


Geez rocks, it's a canadian product i'm proud of... congrats on the photo!

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