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when I met tom the first thing I told him was, you HAVE to get to the UK because I knew there was a synergy where God was at play. Glad this is working out.

northern girl in the south

Thats really interesting, a survey of hindsight! Makes you think ahead to the next 20 years. I'll check it out.Thanks

I know we are not acquainted, but I felt you might be interested in this in the Guardian (G2) this morning - I tried to email you but I can't get it to work - a guy called Douglas Rushkoff with a book out called "Life Inc: how the world became a corporation and how to take it back", about how to get back to community and local networks.

"an advocate of what he calls 'fractal activism',favouring a host of sprawling, disorganised personal protests over organised campaigns" and

"not only am I not capable of spearheading a movement, I don't believe in movements. What I'm trying to do is encourage people to take the steps they nede to take, in their communities, cities and towns"

Am gonna try and get it ordered at my library.

Tom Brackett


Rereading all this gives me images of freshly minted posh priests with digital recorders running around after grungy young people asking for their faith stories . . .

Thank you for (what do you call it?) the hat tip.


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