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My favourite worship trick with an OHP was this:

Turn it on and display no acetate. A white light on the screen only.

Take a sheet of plain A4 and block the light. Dark screen.

Turn off OHP. Remove paper and tear it into four quarters and replace it without the gaps showing.

Turn on OHP and separate the quarters slightly. A cross appears on screen. The cross restores the light.

Bit 1974 but hey, worked for me.


The trick you are talking about, Johnny, is vintage 60's. Glad to hear it's back.

Chris Sharp

Obvious health warning required here. The OHP is plugged into the mains and a water bottle is suspended above it. Don't mix water and electricty, ever!

This guy is using deep trays, do not try and recreate this with a shallow tray. He is also using a what appears to be a valve from a medical "drip" to control the water, this is very wise because it has been designed for this task.

If you do want to do this worship trick then please be very very careful.

That said, impressively creative. All we ever did was place coloured gels over the OHP to get rid the of the harsh white light.


Funny you should mention OHPs. Been using them in animations this week. http://vimeo.com/5670624 http://vimeo.com/5677671 http://vimeo.com/5677803 http://vimeo.com/5678109

Patrycja Szczeniowska

hey there !!
this is Patris... my friend Majsen does it with OHP in Poland
and added it to our worship lab workshop at slot art.
check his website: www.fluidacje.pl


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