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Jonny, I am currently obsessed by 'lines', of all species (path, tao, trajectory, chain etc). In particularly, the power of lines to produce and generate forms. I'm thinking the 'way' part of the formula is important too. Time to rediscover our nomadic, mobile and itinerant traditions. Become 'restless' wanderers.

Pam Smith

This is fasciating.

In i-church we've been working out how to become a missional online community over the last year, and it seems to have a lot to do with creating space and support for people need to explore their own spiritual journeys.

This has made our forums a lot less busy. The natural way to gauge 'success' online is by post count, so it's a bit scary, but if you can get past that there's a completely different rhythm to what goes on between people - the shared space becomes an opportunity rather than an obligation, a way of serving each other rather than a way of sharpening up our debating skills.


i want a copy!

Chuck Coward

henri nouwen - "i am deeply convinced that the christian leader of the future is called to be completely irrelevant." Really? What's the context of the quote? On that thought, is there ever a time that context (=relevance) doesn't matter? Just trying to understand.


this sounds brilliant - and i don't think i've thought that about a christian book for a very long time!


David Runcorn's a provocative writer and thinker - I loved his book 'Choice, Desire and the Will of God' as well. I wish they'd invite him to speak at Greenbelt.

Steve Lancaster

Thank you, thank you for drawing attention to the quote by Henri Nouwen.

It has seemed to me for several years that not only church leaders, but the church itself, are called to irrelevancy.

The sense that we are called to be the slack in the rope, not the rope itself, grants the whole of humanity an expansiveness, as it grows, that gives space for new and radical thinking.

And it can be constructive too: a church's irrelevancy can become its greatest strength, as, because in ultimate terms it doesn't matter what it does, it has the freedom to try anything, and becomes an inspiration to those who then choose to see what it is up to.

Bravo, therefore - you, and Nouwen, and Runcorn!

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