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Andy Dodwell

as someone who was dragged into this whole 'institutional space' while trying to maintain my own alternative heart i hear and affirm where you are coming from...
now that i've been ordained its sometimes easier for me to do 'alternative' things- i can get away with it and maybe even give things a certain amount of reputability by my position, while at the same time challenging the assumptions that ministers in the church are only concerned about numbers in the building on sunday morning and doing things 'just so'...

you need to hold a certain radical perspective to see the needs for change in a system (is that the prophetic role?) but in order to effect that change or to bring the conversation into the places of institutional power it might be necessary to become part of the system...is that betraying your roots or engaging in the process?


Jonny - I've always felt this should be a yes/and situation. Thanks for bringing up some Qs that need to be asked.


For me, faith is about the embodiment of Christ in real people, real life.

There is no way to dispense with the institutional or embodied church.

There is no such thing as "solo" Christianity. You must have at least 2 or 3.

And... we need pirates, rebels, whatever you call them to challenge the 2 or 3 or however many on how they are putting flesh to the words "God" or "love" or "grace" or "church".

So I second Becky's motion on the "yes/and"


It's not a critique— it's a sermon! More heresy please— loads more!


History teaches us that the institutions will not go away, be outdone, overcome or overhauled they tend to be big enough to either absorb challenges or expel them. But I think history also teaches us that institutions demand the advances of fools, pirates, heretics and rebels both faithful and not so.

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