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Ben Edson

Theo Hobson's article is interesting but I'd suggest that he has misread GB theologically. Yes, it's social liberal but theologically it's far broader than just liberalism. i.e. Rob Bell, Alistair McGrath, etc.


indeed i found the labeling of greenbelt as liberal or even alt. as a bit lazy and somewhat disapointing. One can't deny that within the GB movement there are strong liberal streams or pull's but to call greenbelt a alt worship event or a liberal event ends up reducing what greenbelt is to a core group of creatives/creators which I find dubiosly elitist. This does violence to great masses of people who engage with greenbelt in a number of different ways and depths but who are surely a part of what Greenbelt is even though many would not want to be labeled liberal or alternative.


Both very interesting articles they a) dispel the myth that Geeenbelt us no longer "Christian" and b) show that the festival is succsesful in creating an environment where all can think/feel beyond their theological/church boxes... I don't fully agree with either, thankfully :)


I think there's a big difference between traditional Liberal (capital 'L') Christianity and the liberal approach that Greenbelt takes.

In my (totally generalising, bigoted, ignorant, judgemental) view, Big L Liberalism wrestled to conform the Bible to a 20th Century mindset, jettisoning anything that didn't 'fit'. I think Greenbelt contains something a bit different, in which liberalism is not an external value-system that judges the tradition, but is seen as essential, even central to the Christian message. There are lots of people at Greenbelt who would have a very un-Liberal view of the Bible; they just believe that Jesus was a liberal kind of person...

Does that make any sense whatsoever?

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