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'fresh expressions of life'
thats about the best thing i've heard in a long long time
spot on
I also love what ian say's about 'silence is something only introverts relate to and stuart thinks it's equally important for everyone.' maybe the same could be said about Celebration and extroverts.


hi Jonny, I've recently written a book about new monasticism, which will be out next year (plug plug) but seriously one of the things I touch on is the difference between 'monastic' and 'religious' orders. Really its all just about language, which is used and reinterpreted through the ages. But its worth noting that it goes way beyond a division between monastics and friars (new or old), as the friars were only some of the religious orders. In reality the root of the word monastic having to do with being alone, or separated, can apply to all the monastic and religious orders in different ways, and can also reasonably be applied to the various 'new monastic' groups which exist. Also the word friar meaning brother can be appropriated widely, except for the fact that it is gender specific unlike the word monastic.

Ian Mobsby

Thanks for the plug Jonny, and I am pleased you found the interview helpful.

I too am writing a book on New Monasticism for Paraclete which comes out next year, this interview and others were research to help me in how I take this forward.

Simon, I think I disagree with you. I think the division between Friar and Monk is very significant and not just a functional division of religious orders as you put it. They had very different functions, and I totally agree with Abbot Stuart that there is a resonance between some emerging and fresh expressions of church and a more Neo-Friar approach - or Minister model of a new or should I say OLD approach to life. I think our books are going to take very different approaches to the subject which is good...


I think it's even MORE important for extraverts. It's more of a challenge and a balance to the rest of their lives. Inner silence is important, because extraverts tend to have very chattery minds. It can take me a while to get into silence, but after that I start to love it. I wish someone would come to talk about New Monasticism at my large charismatic church - they find it very difficult! I do think the leadership would be open to it though.

Tiggy (ENFP)


Hi Ian, yeah great if our books take different approaches! It would be boring if we wrote the same thing :) Seriously though, I'll be very interested to see your stuff, and on another note, I'd really like to see some new friars in the UK who have gone for the absolute poverty thing... not much hope there perhaps.

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