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Only the Holy Spirit, who works in power through the bible, and in response to Christian prayer.

Malcolm Guite

Hi Jonny (remember me?)Thats an interesting question to ask. my answer would be that there are no rules to change but that christianity is (as Steve Jobs might say of the iPad) a truly immersive and intuitive experience. Ps I did my own take on the ipad thing and religious language in a short poem called iPitaph on an iPad here:http://malcolmguite.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/ipitaph-on-an-ipad/

Richard Baker

But Apple does not always get it right, Apple TV for example has been a complete flop. You find very few examples of apple devices collaborating. How when you "share music" in a home network you actually copy the music to your own machine. How the email program does not cache attachments that you download, so it has to download an attachment each time you read it, it assumes you have a network connection and that it can waste network resources (that are now frequently in short supply). Technologically Apple is an closed island. Apple does not support Java or Flash simply because it would allow people to write software for their devices they could not control.

So Apple may be changing some elements of the game in terms of aesthetic design,and market models but I would say that the underlying implications of the ethos and values should NOT be admired.
But I do own an iPod.....

Richard Baker

Take a look at the following article from the Observer http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/jan/31/ipad-review-comments-naughton this past Sunday.

I find that his view of the Orwellian / Huxlian dicohtomy resonates for me.

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