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excellent. i'm excited for you folks. as a Canadian it's probably a little too far to travel to go check you folks out.


'Success depends on the quality of those appointed'

Gosh, a little uncomfortable with that statement.
Hmmmm, how do we define, or by what criteria, do we define this word 'success'?
But also wonder about that word 'quality'... Abraham was an old seemingly past it dude, Moses stammered, murdered a guy; and was full of excuses as to why he couldn't do the job; Hosea was married to a prostitute, the disciples - Jim and John Zebedee were a little ambitious for power, Peter denied Jesus....

Surely success depends on God and is only really possible if God's got your back. It's a shared ride, a partnership, in which God often times uses the most unlikely, seemingly unqualified people to share in the journey. Which is kinda neat, really.

Sorry, just thinking out loud. And you're right 'parachurch' is just a yuck word! Glad to see the developments re. CMS, very cool. [in spite of my niggly comments above]


But there must have been something about those people that made them eligible for the kingdom/able to be used by God/acceptable - whatever jargon you want to use. I'm equally uncomfortable with the 'I'm nothing; God is everything' mantra that you hear in many evangelical circles. Surely God can't just use anyone or he would use everyone and that idea of 'using' people seems really countercultural to my understanding of how God interacts with people


I suspect the common factor was that they decided to say 'yup, okay God let's do this then' - I'm thinking more of an agreement to walk alongside each other [or covenant if you want to go down the jargon line] rather than an exploitative 'using' ... mutuality and partnership. God can work with anyone, if they are prepared to work with God. And we are not 'nothing' - we are amazingly and wonderfully made by God.

The Church Mouse

How ironic that Andrew Jones has become the face of the CMS community, next to the slogan "I'm a member of the CMS Community ..." when CMS made him redundant late last year.


Can we hear a little more about the desperate problems facing CMS in the UK and the deep job cuts that are being made to try to balance the books. I understand that CMS no longer does youth work, for example, but this has not been mentioned publicly as far as Mouse can tell.


like every charity it's been a tough season and there have been painful cuts. i don't think anyone is hiding this. i am hoping to catch up with andrew this week but he is still very much linked and wanting to be with cms - more like a mission partner. mission partners are sustainable in what they do because they raise funds through individuals, churches and grant making bodies. andrew is now doing what he does in this way. feel free to ask him but i don't think he feels bitter towards cms.

The Church Mouse


You're quite right that Andrew has been very gracious about his exit from CMS, and I'm sure he's not bitter in any way. My point is just that we hear a lot about the exiting news of new developments at CMS, but are not hearing about the financial crisis or any of the mission work which has been cut as a result. My view is that CMS would have a much better chance of mobilising support if they were a little more open about this.

The last annual report shows expenditure was £1.5m more than income, with income of just £7m - that's an overspend of 20%. But the report is a glowing story of the wonderful work CMS is doing. Of course its wonderful work, but ...

The only piece on the CMS website that acknowledges the financial difficulties is one about how encouraged CMS is despite the financial situation, which appeared in July 2009. (http://www.cms-uk.org/tabid/151/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/1987/CMS-encouraged-despite-financial-challenges.aspx)

A comment quickly appeared challenging the rosy picture and pointing to cuts in mission work. A comment from CMS appeared in response suggesting that whoever it was should speak to them, then both comments were removed.

I'm not suggesting anything is being hidden, but contrast this with the Christian Aid strategy of sending out an email to all supporters asking for additional help in this time of financial difficulty.


chris woo

there is a slight (!) irony that someone who chooses to conceal his/her real name should be criticizing CMS for a lack of transparency..

can i also suggest that the 'mouse' looks at all CMS communications to members and supporters of the past six months before making snap judgements...


thanks mouse, thanks chris - observations are helpful and i'll pass them on...


Jeremy Woodham, CMS Web editor

Just to add, a statement has now been posted on the CMS website about the cutbacks.


Thanks Mouse too for being a constructive critic - I think they're the best kind of friends to have.

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