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"A youngish man - an aging youth"... well, that's stretching it a bit already ;-)
Good stuff.


Interesting reflections on the relationship with 'the tradition'.

Pam Smith


Read another piece by Theo Hobson a while back in the Guardian about inventing new ritual, in that as in this he seems to be rather hung up on the form rather than being able to get into the content. Or maybe that's just how he writes things up.

(Can't find it on the Grauniad site but it's on the Ship of Fools site here

But it's an interesting description and good that he connected with it even if it rather a cerebral way.

And on the bright side you may be an aging youth Jonny :rofl: but at least you're not 'vicarish'. :D

Colin Darling

So "youngish man (an ageing youth?) called Johnny" (it could be worse!)
I logged onto the Spectator and I've left a comment. Great to see a piece that makes the variety in church more visible even if it is positioned as a wee bit marginal. Thanks for posting this. Cols


I read it in the Spectator whilst on hols a few weeks ago, really interesting and hopefully the piece will provoke thought among other readers. I'd love to come and participate but am a bit of a distance away.

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