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Steve Clarke

This sounds interesting. If it's recorded can you post a link to where we could get hold of it. Thanks

Kate C

Poor institutional church - gets treated a bit like we treat our old people, shoved off to a care home for someone else to look after. I may not like the model, but I'm still fond of the heritage and tradition, even if they do repeat all the same old stories and forget my name.


Jonny - I wouldn't call you a broken record. Rather, you're playing some oldies but goodies - sort of like Baker/Birch's Old Hymns in Dub. :)

I had a fantastic conversation with one of the leaders of Jesus People USA - we both reflected on how a lot of this talk about "new ways of being church" etc. are continuations of discussions begun in the '60s (sans the drugs). The Harvard Psychedelic Project does an excellent job of summing up the shifting that occurred during this time that I see repeated today - and in both instances, these radical conversations were able to take place because they were funded by institutions (universities, publishing houses, churches).

Don Smith

We need to be careful as we (the Church) moves forward to not neglect, disregard, or misunderstand our heritage and tradition...it is who we are and is central to who we are becoming. This does not mean we let the past or tradition restrict us in the present but that we understand it for what it is; our past. I find it interesting that there is movement to disconect from recent past but connect with ancient past. It is all our past and should be understood as a source for understanding who we are and where we need to go.


i'll second what steve said. if it's recorded please let us know where to find it (if possible)

Simon Hall

There's an absolutely fantastic meditation on Anne Rice's repudiation of Christianity here: http://www.emergentvillage.com/weblog/mackey-rice-reversion-reductio

I wish I could be there; I'm sure you'll have it all sorted out by the end.



Apple 7 audio now available here:

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