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We both know Neil and have been on his workshop and retreat. I love the Anger Passion Talent process and it begun my journey in discovering my purpose which resulted leaving corporate life where I felt I couldn't be myself. I have also used it with clients, I think it is so simple and effective.


small world! how are you? where are you? last i heard you were in the US?


Let me know if you need any help of advice with WordPress. You seem to be on WordPress.com rather than running your own installation. There are pros and cons to doing it that way. If you find yourself wanting more than what WordPress.com gives you then I can probably help out.



I don't know Neil, so my comment is in response only to what appears in his booklet "Life Purpose". I can see some limited usefulness in the three questions as a tool to define purpose, but the whole tone of the booklet, and in particular the subsequent pages, is one of self centred individualism. Another word for "tensions" as Neil describes them could be "committment". The personal identity suggested by Neil appears quite narcissistic rather than the personal-identity-within-communion model I associate with Christianity.


We were in the US but missed the UK too much! Currently down in Cornwall with family looking for somewhere more permanent in the Totnes area.

I switched from Typepad to Wordpress a few years ago and love it. I use the .org installed on my host as it gives more flexibility but does involve cost.

As for Neil's view on identity being narcissistic it may not come across in this short pdf but his work is built around identity and purpose being part of something bigger, for both individuals and businesses. I found growing up the theology I was taught put some much emphasis on What Would Jesus Do? I lost my sense of identify and self. I didn't think I was allowed to pursue my dreams and hopes. I spent all my life telling God I would do anything, just tell me what it is. I wasn't taking personal responsibility. When I finally learnt to listen to God in my mid 30's I got the answer: to be myself. To use the gifts and talents He has given me and follow my passions, only that way will I be the unique person He created. Neil's process was the beginning of me taking personal responsibility and discovering my identity

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