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Dave Bull

Hi jonny,

really interesting post - thanks! It's set me thinking: what should be the nature of the connection between the 'elsewhere' and the 'already'?

there's a danger that 'new' can be unstoried - it denies the 'adjacent possibility' from which it grew. on the other hand, if there is no discontinuity then it's not really 'elsewhere'.

your last paragraph hints at an answer, but I'd love to know your thoughts...

Richard Passmore

Thanks for the Arbuckle heads up I really liked his stuff. I think the space to dream is important, but needs to go hand in hand with practice/experimentation which also connects well into your hunches concept about where ideas come from. I found Arbuckles typology of church particularly interesting and have just ended up reworking this based on some of our experiences and hunches. http://www.sundaypapers.org.uk/?p=2970


rich thanks. i'll look forward to chatting further about arbuckle with you! on the dreaming, i called the talks last week 'dreamers who do' which is a term in arbuckle to precisely say that we need the dreaming and the practice. i have a bundle more posts to come when i get round to it which i hope will say a bit more in response to your question dave.

Richard passmore

Does arbuckle have a similar chapter to the one on leadership for authority dissenters but for pathfinder dissenters anywhere?


Not directly Rich...

But in many ways a lot of his books focus on inculturation which is really what I think he would see pathfinding dissenters doing. The book that most clearly lays that out is Earthing the Gospel: An Inculturation Handbook. I particularly like the last chapter of that on a spirituality of inculturation which complements the one by Bevans and Shroeder in Prophetic Dialogue rather nicely.

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